I'm Jack.


Jack Ritter is a sound and music designer from the New York area.  He loves to tell stories through sound, especially when paired with a visual.


Jack has worked with companies including Leapfrog/VTech, Level99Games, Sono Sanctus, and others.  He has also worked with directors/producers such as Ishana Shyamalan and Bryce Fox, and is a credited sound editor on the upcoming feature: Drunk Bus.  

If you would like to work with Jack on a project, you can contact him via his contact form.  


"Jack Ritter is a true professional, and did an expert job of producing our project's audio quickly, cleanly, and creatively.  I look forward to working with him again - highly recommended." - D. Brad Talton, CEO, Level99Games

“Jack delivered solid work with quick turnarounds. The project threw several curveballs and he went above and beyond to help us be accommodating to our client.” - Wesley Slover, Owner Sono Sanctus

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